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Mail and package delivery on campus modified

March 24, 2020

Campus is currently open to essential personnel only. Access to campus buildings is now restricted to consolidate essential services, maintain security, and support social distancing for essential staff still working on campus.

Many services for campus buildings, including mail and package delivery from Physical Plant-Campus Services, US Postal Service (USPS), Materials Distribution Service (MDS), Extension, and outside vendors including UPS and FedEx, have been modified as a result.

This document describes the changes to each of these services. Each service is subject to change as the campus response to the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

Interdepartmental and US Postal Mail Delivered by Physical Plant-Campus Services

Interdepartmental mail and postal mail delivered by Physical Plant-Campus Services will only be delivered to buildings that make special arrangements with the Campus Services staff.

  • Any mail that cannot be delivered will be held by Physical Plant-Campus Services.
  • Mail deliveries can be arranged for an entire building’s mail only.
  • Requests for individual departments, offices, or specific pieces of mail cannot be accommodated at this time.
  • The mailroom at 45 N. Charter Street is closed to walk-ins.

To arrange for receipt of your building’s mail, contact Physical Plant Customer Service.

If your department or building is having difficulty locating mail normally delivered to your building by Physical Plant-Campus Services, please contact Brad Schenkel (; 265-5293).

Mail Delivered Directly by USPS

At the present time, US Postal Service (USPS) is continuing to deliver mail to campus buildings.

If your department or building is having difficulty locating mail normally delivered to your building directly by USPS, please contact Brad Schenkel (; 265-5293). Questions about Conference Center Mail Services can be directed to Josh Goldman (

Deliveries from Materials Distribution Services (MDS)

Deliveries from MDS for essential supplies will be coordinated through members of the Emergency Operations Logistics team. MDS is closed to campus and the general public. Please send all requests to; they will be routed for response. Deliveries will be prioritized according to the information and resources available at the time the request is received.

UPS and FedEx Parcel Package Deliveries

Most UPS and FedEx deliveries will be centralized as soon as possible to avoid shipments being returned to the shipper or lost or damaged if addressed to buildings with changes in access. Urgent requests for assistance retrieving these packages should be routed to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

All other requests should be made by providing information about the package using this form.

Mail and Packages Delivered to University Housing

University Housing continues to accept mail and packages for residents. Mail and packages for students not currently in residence will be forwarded to their home address listed in the university directory or returned to sender if no forwarding address is available. For more information,

Deliveries to Building Loading Docks

There has been no decision to change deliveries made directly by vendors supplying essential products directly to campus docks, including food vendors, AirGas, and equipment repair. These vendors continue to respond directly to campus purchasers regarding delivery requests. Building managers should work with their departments to determine which vendors and contractors should continue to access their buildings. Building access for vendors and contractors should be limited whenever possible to essential services.

Campus building managers will receive additional information if circumstances require that these deliveries be managed by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Outgoing Mail

The Bulk Mail Center has been instructed to restrict operations through April 12, 2020. Non-essential services have been suspended. Contact Kyle Frisch ( for more information.

UW Mail Services is suspending all non-essential pick-ups through April 12, 2020. Contact Brad Schenkel (; 265-5293) with questions or concerns. See the latest UW Mail Services updates.

Sending Outbound Packages

Instructions for outbound parcel shipments (i.e., how to send packages through UPS using campus accounts) will be developed and distributed as soon as possible. Outdoor boxes will continue to be serviced by FedEx and UPS, but pickup schedules may have changed.

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