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June open houses – West Campus District Plan updates

June 6, 2023
3D concept map of new buildings on the western side of UW's campus.

A rendering of development possibilities for the West Campus District.

Join the West Campus District planning team at two open house events in late June to view the new West Campus District concept designs. This is the first time the public will see these updated designs.

Event dates, location, and times:

The project team is looking for feedback on:

  • What excites you about the concept design?
  • What is still missing in the district?
  • What amenities, such as dining, entertainment and recreation, do you want to see in this space?
  • As a health science innovation area on campus, does the concept include enough collaboration space for researchers, students and industry partners?
  • What questions do you have for the project team?

The project team is using six core principles to shape the design of the West Campus District Plan. They include designing an area that sparks discovery; embracing current and historical local cultures; tying in the natural areas throughout the west campus; and creating a space that fosters connections.

Campus and community members have had opportunities to provide feedback about the reimagined West Campus District since the summer of 2022. This feedback was collected at over 100 stakeholder campus events, community meetings, and with online interactive tools.

Through this feedback, participants have expressed excitement about the holistic plan that incorporates various aspects of the west campus, including research spaces, housing, transportation and amenities.

Feedback received thus far includes:

  • Increase dining options such as coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Create new areas to socialize and meet up with colleagues and friends.
  • Add affordable and market-rate housing for the community.
  • Continue prioritizing affordability and accessibility in this project, including parking, which remains a focal point for the planning team.

The project team will also be sharing additional information on the project timeline, next steps and designs for the future of the Biotron site. Feedback received at the events and with the online survey will be incorporated into the West Campus District Plan.

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