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Important voting information for UW-Madison students

May 10, 2012

Dean of Students Lori Berquam emailed the following information to UW–Madison students Thursday, May 10 in an effort to help students vote in the June 5 recall election:

Dear Students,

As you are aware, Wisconsin’s recall election will be held on Tuesday, June 5.

As always, I strongly encourage you to be educated about the candidates and cast a ballot. Recent changes in voting laws, combined with the end of the semester, may require you to plan ahead.

If you’re a registered voter and plan to cast a ballot, see which of these situations applies to you:

If you’re staying in your apartment or house in Madison for the summer: Vote on June 5 at your regular polling place or via absentee ballot. (See below for details.)

If you’re moving out of University Housing or an off-campus apartment or house before the election, but returning to Madison this fall: New regulations require you to live at an address for 28 days before you are eligible to vote at that address.

Your options include voting with an absentee ballot from your current Madison address or returning to Madison to vote on June 5. (See below for details.) This is permissible if you move before the day of the election, but intend to return to Madison in the fall. Do not register or vote at any other location.

If you’re leaving Madison permanently: If you do not plan to return to Madison, you should register to vote at a new Wisconsin address when you have been there long enough to establish residency — 28 days after moving.

  • If you’re moving elsewhere in Wisconsin within 28 days of the June 5 election: You may vote absentee from your Madison address for the June 5 election.
  • If you’re moving out of Wisconsin with no intention to return to Madison: You will not be eligible to vote in the June 5 election.

If you’re currently abroad: You may mail a request for an absentee ballot ASAP and return it immediately to ensure your vote counts. Absentee ballots will be mailed beginning May 18, must be postmarked on or before Election Day and must be received in the city clerk’s office no later than Friday, June 8. Mail delivery times may not make it feasible for your ballot to returned in time to be counted without using an expedited mail service to return your ballot.

If you haven’t registered to vote in Madison in the past and have instead chosen to register and to vote in your hometown: Vote in your hometown on June 5.

Remember, you do not currently need to show a photo ID at the polls or when you register.

An absentee ballot request form is available here.

In addition to requesting an absentee ballot by mail, you may vote absentee in person at the Madison city clerk’s office beginning on Monday, May 21.  Full details about absentee voting can be found here.

If you need information about your polling place or registration status, visit here.

All of the information in this message is accurate as of May 10, but if you have questions, contact the Madison city clerk’s office at (608) 266-4601, or visit here.

Keep studying strong through finals! I hope you have a wonderful summer. For those of you who are graduating, I look forward to seeing you as you cross the stage!

On, Wisconsin!

Lori Berquam, Dean of Students