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Honorlock pre-exam checklist for students

December 9, 2020

What to do before using Honorlock to take an exam:

  • Review Honorlock’s minimum system requirements and make sure your system meets them.
  • Install Google Chrome, if not already installed on your computer; then install the Honorlock Google Chrome extension.
  • Complete a network speed test.
  • Complete any software updates and restart your computer if needed.
  • Review where to get support if you run into issues during your exam.
  • Have your UW–Madison ID or government ID handy (inform your instructor before your exam if you do not have an English ID).
  • Take the exam in a well-lit room. Avoid backlighting, such as sitting with your back to a window.
  • Remove all hats, hoods and sunglasses.
  • Ensure you’re in a location where you won’t be interrupted. If you are unexpectedly interrupted, reach out to your instructor after your exam and inform them of what happened.
  • Turn off all other devices (tablets, phones, smart watches) and place outside of your reach.
  • Clear your desk or workspace of all external materials not permitted for use during the exam – e.g., books, papers, other devices.
  • Ensure your computer or device is on a firm surface (a desk or table). Your computer should not be on your lap, a bed, or other surface where the device is likely to move.
  • For built-in webcam, avoid readjusting the screen after the webcam setup is complete and you have tested that your face is in the exam window on the left side of the screen.
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged before you begin your exam.
  • Make sure you review any extra instructions about the exam from your instructor.