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Go Big Read selection prompts discussion of smart media use

September 25, 2012 By Greg Bump

Photo: Pages from "Radioactive"

This is one of the page spreads from the richly illustrated “Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout.”

Photo: HarperCollins Publishers

This year’s Go Big Read selection will be used as an instructional tool Thursday at a workshop aimed at helping instructional staff incorporate smart media in the classroom.

Rosemary Bodolay, associate director of DesignLab, says the book, “Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout,” is the a prime example of using graphics to help tell a story. Particularly noteworthy is author Laura Redniss’ use of color to enhance the emotional impact of the narrative, Bodolay says.

“The workshop will have parts where we will show examples of assignments you could use if employing ‘Radioactive’ and other ideas for how to incorporate smart median in the classroom,” Bodolay says.

DesignLab, funded by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates opened as a pilot program last spring and has opened to the entire campus this fall. It provides consultation on digital media projects, everything from posters to videos and digital storytelling, to students, instructional staff and faculty.

DesignLab is located in College Library’s Computer and Media Center, room 2250. Thursday’s one-hour workshop, the first in a monthly series planned by DesignLab, begins at 12:30 p.m. in room 2252A.