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Get Social: More dogs! And two other mighty cute critters

December 10, 2019

If you haven’t gotten to pet a pup in person or if you need an additional dose of sweetness to ease your end of semester stress, this is for you.

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“Red (Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, 4 years old) first came into my life as a foster through Key to Happiness Rescue after being found wandering the streets of Texas. He was initially very shy around men and in crowds, but after coming to work with me on a daily basis, he started becoming much more comfortable and his true, goofy personality emerged! I work at a 24-hour animal ER and I had recently lost my soulmate companion dog unexpectedly to cancer at just 8 years old and was not quite ready for another dog, hence the foster part. Everyone at work immediately fell in love with Red and pretty much adopted him for me. They all knew we were meant to be, it just took me awhile to see past the grief to admit they were right. I truly believe that pets are sent to us for a reason and I know that he was sent to all of us by my previous dog. She came to work daily as well and knew that we all needed this emotional support Chihuahua in our lives, and that is exactly what he is! He provides endless amounts of love, kindness, comfort and comical relief. For example, within the first month of deciding to officially adopt him and ‘foster fail,’ I went out of town for a weekend and left him with a coworker he's familiar and comfortable with. He managed to escape through a hole in her fence after being spooked by her husband and went running around the tiny village of Dane. I was called and updated but too far away to get back to help so I called in reinforcements that I knew would come to the rescue for their Chihuahua. On a Saturday evening, everyone dropped what they were doing, grabbed their dogs (Red’s friends), and scoured the tiny town in the dark, even almost grabbing a raccoon that they thought was Red! After a few hours of chasing and many laughs and mishaps, Red finally jumped into the passenger seat of my friend’s husband's car after being coerced with treats. That's really when we knew that he had captured all of our hearts, truly runs the show and will do anything for treats. I and all of his other ‘owners’ would truly be lost without this special guy and cannot imagine a life without him.” #dogsofmke

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And for you fans of alpacas and other small ruminants…

Don’t forget to get your pictures with Small ruminant club!!! ????????????

Posted by SAVMA Chapter at UW–Madison on Tuesday, December 10, 2019


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