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For the Record

March 12, 2008

March 12 – March 26, 2008

Wisconsin Week, the newspaper of record for UW–Madison, carries legally required notices for faculty and staff.

Participants sought for medical study

Healthy, nonsmoking male volunteers are needed as control subjects for research investigating the effects of sleep apnea on vascular function. The researchers are recruiting men without sleep-disordered breathing and between the ages of 35–45 who are at least 40 pounds above ideal body weight. The research consists of one in-laboratory study of three to four hours conducted at the William S. Middleton Veterans Administration Hospital. Reimbursement will be made at the rate of $25 per hour of participation. In addition, reimbursement will be $50 for wearing a portable oxygen sensor during one night’s sleep in your home. For more information call Beth Dunlap at 256-1901, ext. 17550.

Call for support grant proposals

Four categories of grant support are being made available by the UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity (IRE) for implementation during the upcoming 2008–09 fiscal year. They are:

  1. Category A, Research: To support scholarly research on racial and ethnic topics with the intention of publication.
  2. Category B, Curriculum Development: To support the development and teaching of new courses pertaining to racial and ethnic topics.
  3. Category C, Campus Activities: A miscellaneous category designed to support campus activities, guest lectures, fine arts performances, and other events regarding race, ethnicity and diversity.
  4. Faculty Diversity Research Awards: To provide release time and support for categories of individuals who are tenure-track faculty members for their scholarly research and writing, thus enhancing their opportunities for achieving tenure.

The firm postmarked deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, April 7. The information on the call for support grants may be found on the IRE’s Web site at IRE Support grants.

For more information, contact associate director Tom Tonnesen at 414-229-4700

Pesticide use policy reminder

In accordance with the university’s storm-water permit and Pesticide Use Policy, pesticide applicators are to notify Central Answering and Response Service (CARS) at 263-3333 prior to using a pesticide. In addition, applicators are to notify faculty, staff, students and visitors of their pesticide use by a reasonable and effective means, such as posting signs where pesticides have been applied and distributing posters, flyers or electronic mail to people who may frequent the application area. Notices may be published on the Safety Department’s Web site. The policy is also posted there.

The Pesticide Use Policy encourages best management practices (BMPs) that maximize effectiveness and safety, and minimize environmental impact. Pesticides used in research and teaching are expected to abide by this policy’s objectives, although alternative procedures may be allowed for the purposes of academic study. Check the Web site or call Sally Rowe of the Safety Department at 262-0979 for pesticide label information, information about hazards and exposures to using pesticides, or information regarding pollutants in storm water.

Athletic Board vacancy

The Academic Staff Nominating Committee is seeking candidates interested in filling a vacancy on the UW Athletic Board. Candidates should submit a resume and a one-page cover letter that states how your background has prepared you for the work on this committee, describes the philosophy or emphasis you would bring to your committee role and why you are interested in this position. Finalists will be notified for interviews with a selection committee.

A description of the Athletic Board functions is available on the Secretary of the Faculty Web site. All application materials must be submitted by Friday, March 28, to Colleen McCabe, 270 Bascom Hall.