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Fluno Center transferred to UW Conference Centers, will join Wisconsin Union team

December 14, 2021 By Alex Peirce

On Dec. 9, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved the transfer of the Fluno Center for Executive Education to UW Conference Centers.  

 Since 1997, the Fluno Center has been managed by the Center for Advanced Studies in Business Inc. (CASB). It has served as a host site and resource for participants in continuing education programs offered by the Wisconsin School of Business and other schools and colleges.  

 Under the umbrella of Conference Centers, the Fluno Center will emphasize expanding services to all of UW–Madison, and serving as the premier conference and lodging resource for continuing education, campus conferences and visitors. The Fluno Center includes 100 guest rooms, classrooms, offices, and dining facilities. 

 The Fluno Center will be added to the Conference Centers’ portfolio of services just as the division prepares to join the Wisconsin Union team within Student Affairs as part of a new strategic partnership. This change will go into effect Jan. 1, 2022. 

Conference Centers currently reports to the vice chancellor for finance and administration and has operated on the UW–Madison campus for over 60 years. With a long history as “the roof over the Wisconsin Idea,” Conference Centers provides high-quality conference services, including lodging, audiovisual, catering and registration services for roughly 65,000 unique attendees for events and meetings.  

“The strategic partnership between the Wisconsin Union and Conference Centers will bring together conference services for campus and position us for sustainable growth and long-term success,“ notes interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Rob Cramer.  “This underscores our campus-wide commitment to these services and the mission of life-long learning opportunities.”  

Conference Centers will gain access to the Union’s marketing expertise and impressive brand, while the Union will benefit from the Conference Centers team’s long-standing skills and reputation serving the campus learning environment.  

“The Center for Advanced Studies in Business is proud of the Fluno Center for Executive Education and its reputation and impact over the past 21 years. We are thrilled that the Fluno Center will become part of UW Conference Centers and continue to be our headquarters as we advance the Wisconsin Idea through professional and executive development,” Jon Kaupla, CASB President and Executive Director. 

There are no planned changes to current staffing, other than the potential creation of new jobs due to the conveyance of the Fluno Center to campus. Though the Union receives some of its funding from students’ segregated fees, Conference Centers will continue to be funded by program revenue. There are also no anticipated changes to customers’ existing space reservations and catering orders.  

“We believe this partnership can strengthen both organizations and position UW–Madison as a destination of choice for regional, national, and international business,” Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor said. “We are excited to add the Conference Centers team to Student Affairs and look forward to growing together.” 

The Lowell Center, a Conference Centers facility that has been managed by University Housing this year to accommodate a growing demand for on-campus housing choices, will continue to serve as a residence hall for the foreseeable future.