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Feedback sought: Refining the Wisconsin Experience

May 4, 2016
Undergraduates attend the Majors Fair in Union South's Varsity Hall.

Undergraduates attend the UW Majors Fair in Union South’s Varsity Hall. Photo: Bryce Richter

Since 2007, the Wisconsin Experience has served as an umbrella term for the unique combination of academics and activities that students might expect, and then pursue, during their time at UW–Madison. From its beginnings, the Wisconsin Experience had ties to the Wisconsin Idea as well as co-curricular activities and inquiry-based impact practices.

Now, a small team building on and refining the core concepts of the Wisconsin Experience seeks feedback from all members of the campus community: students, faculty and staff.

Take the survey here. (Live through Sunday, May 15)

“We want to provide more clarity to the concept so that the Wisconsin Experience is better understood and has more utility,” says Mark Kueppers, project team member and assistant director of leadership development in the Center for Leadership & Involvement, part of the Division of Student Life.

This team effort continues a collaboration between the offices of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and the Vice Provost for Student Life. Kueppers says the team has already reached out to more than 25 groups, including faculty, staff and students.

The survey offers an additional opportunity to make sure everyone has the ability to provide suggestions and share comments and concerns.

Each voice is important in helping to define the Wisconsin Experience for a generation of future students.