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Fall ad campaign busts myths about UW–Madison

September 14, 2018 By Carrie Lynch Springer

Fans tuning in to Badger football and other fall sports will be able to catch UW–Madison’s “Mythbusters” campaign. Six different ads created to dispel common myths associated with the university are currently rotating during televised Badger sporting events and numerous digital and social platforms.

The ads started running last week and are titled “Getting In,” “Affordability,” “Finish in Four,” “Employment,” “Stay in Wisconsin” and “Return on Investment.” UW–Madison’s long-standing commitment to the state is highlighted across all six ads by illustrating numerous ways the university serves Wisconsin residents. The ads also address common misperceptions about the university regarding admissions and affordability, length of time it takes to graduate, and how many students stay to work in Wisconsin after graduation.

Viewers will see some facts that may surprise them. “Getting In” highlights the fact that two out of three in-state applicants are admitted to UW–Madison. Chancellor Rebecca Blank recently outlined on her blog why campus leaders felt strong enough about dispelling myths like this one to create an ad campaign around them.

“We want to make sure every student who is qualified to attend UW–Madison knows they should apply. That will help attract and retain top students in our state and give them access to a world-class education at one of the lowest resident tuition rates in the Big Ten,” Blank wrote.

Other ads demonstrate the close partnership UW–Madison has with the state, making the state economy stronger. “Return on Investment” reveals the large number of jobs supported and startups created by campus research and shows that for every dollar of state investment, the university generates $24 for the state.

The ads will run in UW–Madison’s allotted institutional promotional commercial spot during Badger sporting events on the Big Ten Network. All Big Ten universities are allowed to run these commercials as part of agreements with the Big Ten Conference.

View the ads at: