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Climate change and the oxymoron of sustainable growth

November 2, 2011 By Terry Devitt

Climate change, often viewed as a burden for future generations, is, in fact, a problem at hand, and a significant one, contends Rudy M. Baum, editor-in-chief of Chemical & Engineering News.

Baum will deliver a public talk, “‘Sustainable Growth’ is an Oxymoron,” at 3:30 p.m. on Monday Nov. 14, in Room 1315 of the UW–Madison Chemistry Building, 1101 University Ave.

Baum’s talk will look at fossil fuels and their impact on climate and society. “We have no choice but to get smarter,” says Baum. “It is up to scientists to lead this charge, through research and innovation and through moral suasion.”

Baum’s talk is sponsored by the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy and is free and open to the public.