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Chancellor’s statement regarding governor’s proposed budget

February 10, 2005

Feb. 10, 2005

“On Tuesday [Feb. 8], Gov. Doyle proposed his 2005-07 budget. Those sections dealing with the University of Wisconsin System budget were much more positive than has been the case during the current biennium (2003-05), although the state’s current billion-dollar deficit did not allow for all needs to be addressed.

“The governor’s budget resonates strongly with systemwide priorities such as 125 new faculty positions, assistance for faculty retention, domestic partner benefits and a relatively modest tuition increase that is offset by substantially increased financial aid. While no campus-by-campus breakdown of the financial impact is possible at this time, it is important to note that the budget authorizes an additional $215 million in expenditures, funded by $150 million in tuition and general purpose revenue, and $65 million in reallocation of existing system resources.

“Significant adjustments undoubtedly will be made in the course of legislative review, and the UW–Madison campus will need to cut an estimated $20 million to $25 million, which will then be reallocated as part of funding all authorized expenditures. Campus officials are working hard to develop options that will minimize the impact on our core mission, and additional information will be shared as it becomes available. Despite the hardships that will come with this exercise, it is important to stress that the proposed budget includes new money to help us meet key objectives.”