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Chancellor Blank statement on violence at the U.S. Capitol

January 6, 2021

Chancellor Rebecca Blank shared the following statement on Jan. 6:

“Like many, I watched in shock as a violent mob entered the U.S. Capitol today and attempted to impose its will over the votes of American citizens. I join all those who condemn this insurrection, the use of violence, and the desecration of an American democratic institution.

“As an educational institution, it our duty to teach this country’s history and its meaning. As a public institution, it is our duty to teach civic responsibility. Democracy in this country has lasted because we have created a process to resolve our differences through debate and compromise, not through violence. Democracy has lasted because the voice of citizens, through the electoral process, has been honored decade after decade through the peaceful transition of power.  Today’s events threatened these long-held traditions.

“As a public university, UW–Madison must reaffirm the value of civic discussion and debate and affirm that facts matter and that there are ways to gather evidence and determine facts — that’s what sifting and winnowing is all about. It is our job to educate the next generation of America’s leaders in the democratic values of this country.”