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Chancellor Biddy Martin’s statement on UW System flexibility document

February 16, 2011

Here is a statement from University of Wisconsin–Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin regarding a letter from UW System officials to Gov. Scott Walker discussing administrative flexibilities:

“For the last 18 months, I have been advocating for greater flexibility for UW–Madison, and I have shared with Gov. Scott Walker the principles of the New Badger Partnership. I’m passionate about preserving the strength of the state’s great research institution in whatever way possible. Given the state’s serious economic challenges and the budget cut we expect to face, the greatest risk to the quality of this institution will be reductions in funding without the flexibility to respond in new and different ways. I believe it’s critical that all UW institutions have the opportunity to benefit from such flexibility.

“I’m hopeful that when Gov. Walker introduces his budget next week that he’ll include flexibility for UW–Madison and other UW institutions in some form. If UW–Madison were to be separated from UW System, the university could be a test case that paves the way for other institutions in the system to benefit from such flexibilities.”