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Campus exercise to test emergency response today

May 26, 2010 By John Lucas

The University of Wisconsin–Madison will conduct a full-scale emergency response exercise from 5 a.m.-4 p.m today, Wednesday, May 26.

The exercise will be held around Bradley Residence Hall, 1900 Willow Drive, and UW Lot 34, 1480 Tripp Circle, and will involve emergency personnel and vehicles from UW Police (UWPD) and other local emergency response agencies.

The drill will involve a high degree of realism, including actors posing as “victims” who may appear to be injured. There is also the potential that members of the community traveling in the area will see police officers with weapons drawn.

The exercise is designed to improve the university’s response to a real emergency or disaster situation, according to Lt. Michael Newton of UWPD, who asks that people continue to go about their daily business and not be alarmed by the activity.

UWPD will have signs posted explaining that the activity is only an exercise and officers and volunteers positioned around the area will be answering questions.

At times during the exercise, officers will limit movement into the area but will try not to cause inconvenience for anyone living or working nearby.

If you have questions, call UWPD at (608) 264-COPS.