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Campus buildings now locked

April 7, 2020

Campus continues to be open to essential personnel only. On March 23, access to campus buildings was restricted to consolidate essential services, maintain security, and support physical distancing for essential staff working on campus.

At that time, a number of buildings had one ADA-compliant entrance open during a set range of hours to support online instruction and other essential services during the transition to full building restrictions.

All buildings on campus are now locked. Keycards or keys are required to enter all campus buildings.

Avoid visiting campus except for essential tasks. If you must visit a campus building:

  • If you need to access your office to retrieve a personal item(s), you must first receive permission from your supervisor.  You may then contact your building manager to arrange a time to meet and be allowed inside the building. Please expect a few days or longer for the building manager to coordinate arrangements.  Once inside your office, please gather item(s) as quickly as possible and leave the building immediately so it can be locked up again.
  • Limit your time in university buildings and leave when your tasks are complete.
  • Maintain physical distancing and follow other guidelines for hygiene.
  • Display your university ID in plain sight, or be ready to produce it on request.
  • Do not unlock any locked door except to enter and leave.
  • Do not leave any door unlocked.
  • Make sure that doors lock behind you when you enter and leave.
  • Do not prop open any building door.

If you need keycard or key access to a locked building, please talk to your supervisor or contact your building manager or the facilities staff of your school, college, or division.

Many building services have been modified, curtailed, or suspended. For the latest information, visit: