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Bioethics forum plumbs creativity’s scientific side

April 19, 2013 By Chris Barncard

The 12th annual International Bioethics Forum, “Creative Insight: Further Studies in Human Consciousness,” will be held April 25 and 26 on the Promega Corporation campus.

The forum brings together leading thinkers to share scientific insights and consider related social and ethical implications. Two University of Wisconsin–Madison-affiliated participants will be part of the program.

Many questions related to creativity will be explored, including:

  • From the perspectives of neuroscience, psychology, the arts and other disciplines, what do we know about the creative process and the state of human consciousness?
  • Are there techniques and environments that effectively develop and nourish creativity in all of us?
  • What is the impact of science and technology on the creative process?

Experts in the fields of creativity, consciousness, and compassion will share their work through presentations and informal conversations throughout the forum.

Cartoonist Lynda Barry — visiting artist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison — and author and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard will be joined by other researchers and creative professionals, including journalist Erik Davis and researchers James Fadiman, Rex Jung, Scott Barry Kaufman, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Director David Krakauer, and Alfonso Montuori.

Steve Paulson, Wisconsin Public Radio/Public Radio International executive producer, will moderate the event. Paulson produced the Peabody Award-winning “To the Best of Our Knowledge” interactive series “Meet Your Mind: A User’s Guide to the Science of Consciousness.”

Forum registrants also have the opportunity to join a presenter for a small group discussion over dinner on Thursday evening.

Creative Insight will be held at Promega’s BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, 5445 E. Cheryl Parkway in Fitchburg.

In addition to the BTC Institute and Promega, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation are Platinum Sponsors of this event.

The forum is open to the general public but limited to 350 participants. Registration information can be found at the forum’s website.

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