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Best selfie spots on campus, according to Bucky

July 19, 2017 By Emily Hamer

With a campus as beautiful as UW–Madison’s, sometimes it can be hard to resist pulling out that front-facing camera to snag a couple of selfies.

For those of us who want to limit our selfie taking, it’s important to only take them in the very best locations on campus.

That’s why Bucky Badger is here to help you step up your selfie game. Since he’s been here for more than 75 years, Bucky knows the ins and outs of campus — including the best spots to get that Instagram-worthy selfie you’ve been waiting for.

From the spots with the best lighting to casual places that make it seems like you weren’t trying very hard, Bucky’s got you covered.

Hagenah Fountain

Show off your side profile to the social media world in front of the newly opened Hagenah Fountain in Library Mall. The best part: don’t worry about thinking of a caption. Just say something about how the fountain just opened and you’re done!

Suggested filter: Perpetua

Hagenah Fountain Bucky Badger

D.C. Smith Greenhouse

Get lots of natural light and foliage for your close-up without actually being outside. Located on Babcock Drive, the D.C. Smith Greenhouse is a great spot to get that perfect selfie you’ve been hoping for.

Suggested filter: Lark

D.C. Smith Greenhouse Bucky Badger

Camp Randall Memorial Arch

One of the most classic spots on campus is the Camp Randall Memorial Arch. It’s a little tricky to get the whole arch in the background, but posting a selfie outside Camp Randall with the arch behind you is a great way to get pumped for game day.

Suggested filter: Slumber

Camp Randall Memorial Arch Bucky Badger

Platform 9¾ (on N. Charter Street)

Take your followers to Hogwarts by taking a selfie in front of Platform 9¾, conveniently located on a brick pillar right off of N Charter Street in Madison. It’s probably a bad idea to try running through this brick wall though.

Suggested filter: Mayfair

Brick pillar on N. Charter Street Bucky Badger

Lakeshore Path

If you’re going for a serene selfie in a picturesque spot, Lakeshore path is the place to be. Find a good spot with trees and Lake Mendota in the background, then activate that front-facing camera.

Suggested filter: Rise

Lakeshore Path Bucky Badger

Bowling at the Sett

If you’re shy about taking selfies out of the blue, going bowling is a perfect excuse to take some selfies then post about how much fun bowling was on social media. Just grab a bowling ball and stand in front of the lanes and you’ve got yourself a nice, casual selfie.

Suggested filter: Sierra

The Sett Recreation Bucky Badger

Allen Centennial Garden

If you really want to step up your selfie game, the Allen Centennial Garden is a great place to do it. With a quaint red bridge, a pond with koi fish and a variety of colorful flower beds, this garden is the perfect place to start snapping away.

Suggested filter: Skyline

Allen Centennial Garden Bucky Badger

Máquina (the fountain by Engineering)

If you’re going for more of an industrial look with your selfie, the fountain outside of Engineering Hall is a great place to go. Called Máquina, which is Spanish for machine, the fountain is an iconic spot — even for those of us who aren’t studying to be engineers.

Suggested filter: Vesper

Máquina Fountain Bucky Badger

Bascom Hill

If you want to seem chill in front of all of your social media followers, the best way to accomplish that is to take a nap on Bascom Hill and document it with a selfie. 10/10, Bucky would recommend.

Suggested filter: Juno

Bascom Hill Bucky Badger

Abe’s Lap

Once you’ve finished your degree and have to deal with the heartbreak of leaving all of these great selfie spots, there’s only one thing left to do: take the iconic selfie atop Abe’s lap. It’s a bit of a climb to hop up there, but once you snap that last shot, you’ll truly be a master of the Badger selfie.

Suggested filter: X-Pro II

Abraham Lincoln Statue Bucky Badger

Do you have ideas for other great selfie spots on campus? Send us your own Bucky selfies — to