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Alums to provide home-cooked meal to UW students; with a side of networking

March 8, 2007

On March 19 and 20, the Dinners On Wisconsin! (DOW!) program will test the traditional alumni/student relationship by taking networking to the next level. Dinners On Wisconsin! provides UWÐMadison undergraduates a chance to learn more about their career field of interest by inviting them into the homes of UW graduates to discuss and explore their particular career choice over dinner.

This biannual program is expanding its boundaries this spring semester by taking in 200 participants and housing hosts with myriad professions, from medicine and science to business, law, and civil society. With 24 dinners spanning 36 different fields, students will be hard pressed to not find a dinner that pertains to them.

The program has had notable success as well, recently winning the bronze ÒBest Outreach Program,Ó awarded by the Association for Student Advancement Programs (ASAP).

For more information, visit or contact Katie Lary at or Robert Lincoln III at

The Wisconsin Alumni Student Board is the working student arm of the Wisconsin Alumni Association. They work in tandem to provide connection opportunities like DOW! for students and alumni of UWÐMadison.

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