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ABC News Veteran John Quiñones to keynote 2019 UW-Madison Diversity Forum

October 31, 2019

Host of the hidden-camera television series “What Would You Do?” and veteran ABC News correspondent John Quiñones will be the keynote speaker for the annual UW–Madison Diversity Forum on Nov. 5 and 6 at Union South’s Varsity Hall.

Quiñones will share his journey from a Latinx neighborhood of San Antonio to national television networks as a Mexican-American descendent of migrant workers who benefitted from the federal TRIO Bootstrap program to open this year’s theme Building Bridges to a Better Future: Opportunities Through Access and Exposure.

Photo: John Quiñones

John Quiñones

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the seven-time Emmy award-winning news correspondent and best-selling book author will share how he came from a foundation in poverty with a real understanding of the challenges of immigration and integration. He is an inspiration and an example of what we can all be — regardless of our roots, station, or socioeconomic barriers — emphasizing the role education played in his own success. Offering answers, anecdotes, and personal examples of how to even approach the question of what to do, Quiñones will discuss how to formulate a plan of action once you decide what to do, and how to see it through to fruition.

Tuesday’s morning session also will include a large-group panel discussion on handling situational ethics in a multicultural environment. After lunch, discussion panels will discuss what local schools are doing to improve equity and inclusion in public schools and how to navigate difficult discussions while staying true to ethics. Day one will end with the traditional town hall discussion, which this year will look at the uncomfortable public discussion confronting America’s legacy of white supremacy.

On Wednesday, the discussion of inclusion and ethics will expand with sessions and workshops, including:

• broadening history to include the story of First Nations;

• understanding the language of gender identity;

• how to support stressed graduate students;

• how to re-imagine local and statewide racial disparities;

• combatting generational stereotypes;

• the unintentional harm of exposure to global trauma;

· inclusion for people with non-apparent disabilities;

• investing in Latinx talent; and

• deconstructing social justice myths.

Day two will close with “What Will You Do? Equity in Action”, a hands-on workshop led by Annette Miller, founder and chief executive officer of EQT By Design, who will help participants learn how to activate their personal commitment to inclusion. Registration is limited at Go to the event website to see a full list of events.

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