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6 safe things to do outside and while enjoying the warmer weather

April 7, 2021 By Chelsea Hylton

As the weather warms, we all can’t wait to get out and enjoy the outdoors again.

After a year of quarantine, things are starting to look up. With many in the campus community being vaccinated, the end of the pandemic is in sight. However, we must continue physical distancing and masking for now, to avoid another surge.

But take it from a graduating senior: There are still ways to have fun while remaining safe. Here is a list of six safe outdoor activities that you can enjoy, to help you to #FinishStrong.

  1. Take a stroll down State Street to the Capitol Building

I love a good walk down State Street. While you’re at it make sure to buy yourself a boba drink (or for those of you who call it bubble tea) on State Street. Also, take the time to stop into some of the shops that are locally owned and support a small business. I will be missing this after I graduate.

  1. Grab a blanket and have a picnic on Bascom Hill

Sometimes you just need to get out and enjoy the sun and get some vitamin D. Bascom Hill is the perfect place to have a picnic and catch some vitamin D. Make sure to bring a blanket and on your way up, stop by one of the food carts in front of the UW bookstore. The empanadas are my personal favorite, along with a fruit smoothie.

  1. Watch a beautiful sunset by the Terrace

Have you caught a sunset over by Lake Mendota? If you haven’t you are missing out on the beautiful colors that the sky and the sun can create. Being by the lake can be calming, and then you add a sunset and it’s a perfect combination. Take a few pictures because what you’ll be seeing will be wonderful and you’ll want to remember it.

  1. Use the B-Cycle stations around campus and go for a bike ride

The B-Cycle bicycle stations around campus are so handy. Making an account takes minutes and then you are on your way. There are so many different bike paths and the ones close to the lakes are the perfect scenery. Going for a ride is also a great form of exercise, so it’s a win-win.

  1. Take a trip to the UW Arboretum

The fact that our university has its own arboretum is the coolest thing. The UW Arboretum has so many different trails and paths you can hike. Being with the trees, bodies of water and wildlife is such a neat experience that can help us disconnect from technology and enjoy nature for a bit. Make sure to bring your hiking shoes and explore its many facets.

  1. Hop on the 80 bus and go explore a new part of campus

UW-Madison’s campus spans over 900 acres. I bet that most of us haven’t even seen half of its. Now is the perfect time to hop on the bus and explore an area that we have never been to before. The 80 bus constantly goes up and down the campus so it is not hard to get from one end to the other. And remember — your Wiscard is good as a bus pass as well this year.


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