UW–Madison, Madison College to offer ‘reverse transfers’ this fall

March 11, 2013

Officials from Madison College and UW–Madison inked a deal Monday that will make it easier for students from the college who transfer to the university to complete an associate degree.

Image: Madison College logo


The “reverse transfer” agreement allows Madison College students who have earned at least 30 credits to transfer to UW–Madison and pick up the remaining classes required for an associate degree. Then students are awarded the degree from Madison College.

The new option complements an existing transfer agreement between the two institutions, in which credits from Madison College are applied toward a bachelor’s degree at the university.

The new agreement is among a handful of such partnerships between a two-year community college and a four-year comprehensive university in the U.S. It’s even rarer among two institutions of their size — Madison College serves more than 40,000 students, while enrollment at UW–Madison exceeds 42,500 students.

Terry Webb, provost of Madison College, touts the agreement as another example of a collaboration that maximizes the use of available resources — and the potential of students.

“Each year, hundreds of students begin their higher education at Madison College, then transfer to UW–Madison,” Webb says. “For these students, earning an associate degree may not be their ultimate goal.” But he says completing an associate degree gives some students the added motivation to pursue their bachelor’s degree. “Holding an associate degree is even more significant if students don’t complete their bachelor’s degree. It’s an advantage in an ever-competitive job market.”

UW-Madison Provost Paul M. DeLuca Jr. says, “This agreement adds value for transfer students who have already put in significant work toward earning their associate degree and is another opportunity to strengthen our partnership with Madison College.”

The agreement goes into effect this fall.