Transition to Office 365 email and calendar continues

September 3, 2013 By Greg Bump

The campus’s conversion to the Office 365 software system for email and calendaring continues to move ahead, with the first small migration of faculty and staff to begin early in 2014.

Photo: Office 365

The Office 365 project team is working with partners from each campus unit to get ready for the transition. A test environment is under construction. Departmental testing of the system will begin this fall.

A set of early adopters, yet to be identified, will transition to the new system early next semester. Most of campus will move to Office 365 in mid-2014, and the migration project is slated for completion by next August.

At the time their unit or department migrates to Office 365, each user of campus email will be assigned a new email address that is constructed this way: The new naming convention for email addresses is being introduced to provide consistency across the university, and to reap the benefits of the brand recognition and efficiencies of having addresses that are easily identifiable as being part of UW–Madison.

However, department heads and directors will have the option of adopting the new standard for their faculty or staff, or using their existing email addresses. Campus email users will continue to receive mail sent to their current address.

More information about the project is available online.