Parking rates to increase for 2013-14

May 7, 2013

Parking rates on campus will increase beginning Sept. 1, 2013. UW Transportation Services is making the change to ensure revenue streams can maintain the current levels of transit, transportation and parking options available.

Lot increases range from 3 to 10 percent as part of the first step in a six-year plan to condense the current parking rate categories from three rates to two. The incremental increase is being done as opposed to a one-time, large-scale increase to allow for gradual change. 

View a pdf with details on the rates and other changes.

Transportation Services is a completely self-sufficient enterprise that receives no state funding. Fees collected go toward paying for parking garages and lots, bus service, general maintenance, signage, gate systems, equipment upgrades and federal and state mandated alternative transportation activities.

It costs approximately $20 million to provide these services and programs to the campus community. Rates are set in compliance with university policy to cover only the cost of operating the department, including infrastructure and improvements such as new lots and garages.

The rate increase is due to increased operational and maintenance costs as well as increased replacement costs of surface stalls lost to construction and building projects. Moving forward, lost surface lots need to be replaced with garages and ramps, which are considerably more expensive to build and maintain.  One example of this process is the expansion of the UW Hospital ramp to account for the loss of hundreds of surface stalls on the west side of campus.

Transportation Services will continue to explore options for revenue streams to help offset the impacts on annual permit holders.

Permit renewal notices will go out the week of May 13.

Commuter support programs are offered for faculty, staff and students including the campus bus and employee bus pass program, cost sharing through carpool and vanpool programs, comprehensive route planning for a variety of alternative transportation modes and more. For complete information, please contact the Commuter Solutions team at