Memorial Union historical photos

Sept. 23, 2003

Photos courtesy Memorial Union.

Photo of a parade ourside the Memorial Union, 1928

A parade on State Street touts the 1920s fund-raising campaign to build Memorial Union.

Photo of James Watrous working on a mural in 1933

James Watrous works on a mural in 1936. He began the mural project as a graduate student in 1933.

Photo of Rathskellar in 1933

In the 1930s, the Board of Regents approves the sale of 3.2 beer on campus, making Memorial Union the first union to serve beer at a public university. Women were banned from the Rathskeller until 1937, when they were admitted during summer session. In 1941, the Union Council grants women full access.

Photo of Jim Ehrman and Martin Luther King in 1962

Wisconsin Union Directorate Forum Committee chair Jim Ehrman meets the Rev. Martin Luther King in 1962 when King gave the Jonas Rosenfeld Memorial Lecture.

Photo of centennil dance in the Great Hall, 1948

A 1948 formal dance in the Great Hall honors Wisconsin's centennial.