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Vayzuso (English translation)

September 15, 2016
Photo: Abraham Goldfaden

Abraham Goldfaden

I won’t argue with anyone about this
And, for sure, won’t deny
That where you go
In every land
They all know
Vayzuso is a fool.

In general, everyone considers
him good-natured and naturally nice
He is good
Quietly calm
He doesn’t hurt anyone
Yes, loved everywhere

Before dealing with a cunning crook
A dog, a swindler
People would much rather deal with
Good old Vayzuso


Because Vayzuso is a fool
That’s why everyone loves him so

A young wife has a husband 60 years old
But she loves a younger man
So what kind of sin
That they talk
And they pet
Just like a couple of cooing doves

“I would come to your house often”
says the young man
“But if I were to kiss you
In front of your husband
He would become jealous”

“No problem, come into my house”
Comforts the wife
“Don’t worry about my husband
Because he’s just an old Vayzuso.”