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Heller: Take part in University Staff Congress

March 31, 2017

Note: The following letter was sent this week by Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Laurent Heller to all University Staff members, encouraging them to participate in shared governance. Supervisors are reminded that University Staff are allowed to participate in shared governance without loss of pay or leave time.

University Staff members,

As you may already know, it is election season for the University Staff Congress. Shared Governance is a critical component of the campus community, providing first-hand consultation and feedback for the administration directly from the people we ask to perform some of the most challenging work assignments on campus.

I am writing today to encourage you to strongly consider taking part this year in the University Staff Congress, the largest representative shared governance body for University Staff at UW–Madison. I also want to stress to divisional administrators, department heads and front-line supervisors the importance of making time available to Congressional representatives to participate – without loss of pay or leave time – in the once-a-month meetings of the Congress. Having employees take part in shared governance should be viewed as a campus strength.

The University Staff Shared Governance website has information about Congressional districts and how to file as a candidate. University Staff who do not feel ready to take the step of declaring a candidacy should encourage others who might be willing to run if asked. The personal touch is always the most effective.

The deadline to file a Declaration of Candidacy is Monday, April 10.

I extend my gratitude to all who have served and those willing to do so in the future for lending us your talents and insights. I look forward to chairing the 4th Session of the University Staff Congress when the new members take their seats in July.

Laurent Heller

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration