Experts available to discuss Wisconsin primary election

August 10, 2018 By Käri Knutson

Numerous experts from the University of Wisconsin–Madison are available to help reporters covering the Aug. 14 Wisconsin primary.

Barry C. Burden, professor of political science and director of the Elections Research Center, can comment on election results, party primaries, and election administration. Burden can be reached at

Lewis Friedland, professor of journalism and mass communication, and sociology, is an expert on civil society and politics. His work focuses on the ways that social integration and social strain intersect with politics and political communication. He can be reached at and (414) 736-4665.

Young Mie Kim, professor of journalism and mass communication and faculty affiliate in the Department of Political Science. Kim studies digital political campaigns and voter engagement in the data-driven age including passionate publics and their information consumption behavior; foreign interference with elections; microtargeting; data-driven political advertising and its political implications. Her research, “The Stealth Media? Groups and Targets behind Divisive Issue Campaigns on Facebook,” has been cited in national and international media (e.g., WIRED; BBC5); the Federal Election Commission’s hearings on Internet political ads rulemaking; the Hill briefings on foreign interference with elections; and other public or private meetings for policymaking. Kim also spoke at the European Parliament about her research on data-driven political advertising and inequality in political involvement.

Kenneth R. Mayer, professor of political science, who researches campaign finance and election administration. He can be reached at or (608) 263-2286.

Eleanor Neff Powell, Booth Fowler Associate Professor of Political Science, is an expert on money in politics, political parties, and the U.S. Congress. She can be reached at or on Twitter @ellieneffpowell.

More election experts can be found at