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 Chronic Wasting Disease - The disease and its management in Wisconsin
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Statement in Response to CWD Assertions Relevanght=

May 30, 2003

In a recent column submitted to news media in his district, State Rep. Garey Bies suggests that the University of Wisconsin-Madison, through its research into prion disease, is possibly responsible for introducing Chronic Wasting Disease into Wisconsin's deer herd.

Unfortunately, Rep. Bies was misinformed and his statement is
inaccurate and unsubstantiated.

Since the 1980s, UW-Madison has carried out a number of studies into the basic biology of prion diseases, including CWD. Such studies are necessary to understand the nature of these diseases and to devise treatments and methods to protect humans and animals from such diseases.

All of the experiments were conducted under appropriate, safe and secure conditions, and all of the infectious materials and animals used in these studies were accounted for and disposed of through incineration according to the standard practices in place for the disposal of those types of materials. The use of animals in such work is standard practice.


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