Frequently Asked Questions about Wisconsin Week

Why do I find differing information in the printed Wisconsin Week, the Wisconsin Week Wire e-mail and the Wisconsin Week Web site?

University Communications uses print and electronic communications to reach faculty and staff, each adapted to its medium.

  • Wisconsin Week is meant to be a comprehensive source of printed information about campus news and events, as well as an economical way to make sure official notices reach campus employees. The publication is delivered to all faculty and staff as well as some paid subscribers, state offices and affiliate groups.
  • The Wisconsin Week Wire publicizes especially timely information that falls outside Wisconsin Week's biweekly publishing schedule. It's meant to be a quick, succinct update on major campus issues and events. Every Wednesday during the school year and every other week in summer, the e-mail is delivered to employees and others who have signed up for the service. To subscribe or unsubscribe, fill out this simple form
  • The Wisconsin Week Web site,, contains the full content of Wisconsin Week.

The site includes archives of past issues and the Wisconsin Week Wire, and other features and information. The Wisconsin Week Web site is a companion to the university news site, which provides regularly updated university news for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public.

Where do Wisconsin Week and its electronic counterparts get their information?

From you. We're always looking for news or feature tips; concise, complete descriptions of upcoming campus events; notification of important personnel or procedural changes in an organization; and other items of campuswide interest.

Wisconsin Week contact information is listed on page 2 of Wisconsin Week under the Shortcuts heading. University Communications staff members:

To get information for Wisconsin Week, University Communications works with communications and marketing personnel in many units, including Athletics, the Division of Information Technology, Wisconsin Union, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, School of Education, College of Engineering, Law School, School of Music, School of Nursing, Institute for Environmental Studies and General Library System, among others.

But we'll publish information of campuswide interest from any department, and you can submit ideas or items yourself.

I'd like to get something printed in Wisconsin Week. What types of news items are most commonly published?

Wisconsin Week regularly features items about:

  • General news affecting university employees.
  • Honors, awards, major appointments and book publications.
  • Research findings and other discoveries.
  • Short items summarizing national media coverage of university faculty and staff.
  • Listings of campus events and activities.
  • Listings of conferences, professional development and other employee opportunities.
  • Announcements and official notices of grant, research and study opportunities; procedural changes.
  • Other short items of general interest to the campuswide audience.

What is the publishing schedule for Wisconsin Week?

You can find publication dates and deadlines for each issue of Wisconsin Week posted online.

What is the best format for my submission?

Keep it short. Most items are less than 300 words, and many are just a few sentences.

In preparing a submission, write clearly, addressing who, what, where, why and when in the first two paragraphs. Identify yourself, your department or unit, and include the name, daytime phone number and e-mail (if available) of someone we can contact if we have questions about the item.

Date the item and indicate in which issue you'd like it to appear, and whether the material should be considered for a news release to the media and general public.

All announcements about upcoming events should be submitted to the online events calendar. These events must take place on campus or involve campus people performing or making presentations in the greater Madison area, or be sponsored by campus departments and take place in the greater Madison area.

Submissions rarely appear exactly as written. Submissions may be used as sources of information for a broader story written by one of our staff; as the basis for additional interviews on the subject; or may be boiled down to their essence by an editor facing tight space restrictions.

Finally, if you want to write a full feature article for Wisconsin Week, it's best to discuss the idea with first.

Should I call to follow up my submission?

We typically do not have time to acknowledge receipt of all items. If you don't hear from us, it doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem with your item.

Please do call or e-mail the Wisconsin Week staff to update or correct information. If you need to correct an error in submitted information, it's advisable to make phone contact with one of our staff to be absolutely sure your correction is received and made.

What are the most common mistakes in submitted news?

Three types of mistakes typically delay or prevent publication:

  • Providing insufficient or inaccurate information, especially in addresses, spellings and job titles. To be useful, submitted items must be complete, correct and specific.
  • Omitting the name and phone number of a contact who can answer questions.
  • Submitting an item too late for publication.

Do Wisconsin Week and its electronic counterparts use submitted photographs?

Wisconsin Week will consider submitted photographs. We are most likely to use close-up head shots of featured speakers or performers, photos from performances, reproductions of artwork and other quality photos or illustrations related to a campus event or activity.

We are unlikely to use photos of people shaking hands, exchanging tokens of appreciation, cutting ribbons, breaking ground, or speaking from a podium.

We accept digitized images but require them to be at least 6 by 9 inches and 300 dpi in a jpeg or tiff format. Contact photographer Jeff Miller, 262-0067, .

Include a caption, credit and background information for each submitted photo

Provide clear instructions for return of the photo if you want it back. Returns may take several days to several weeks, depending on production demands.

Why do some departments choose to advertise or publish inserts in Wisconsin Week?

Wisconsin Week accepts advertising or inserted editorial supplements produced by other campus units that wish to reach faculty and staff with news of their products or services.

Wisconsin Week will accept material produced by and concerning university departments only. Our definition of university departments includes units affiliated with the university whose primary purpose is to provide services for faculty and staff, such as the Wisconsin Union, Division of Information Technology, etc.

Content of advertising is subject to approval by Wisconsin Week editors. For information, contact .