State concealed carry law takes effect

November 1, 2011 By John Lucas

Wisconsin’s new concealed carry law takes effect today, Tuesday, Nov. 1, and it brings important changes to rules on the UW–Madison campus.

Permitted concealed carry of weapons will be allowed throughout the state, including on campus grounds and parking areas of the UW–Madison.

The law allows members of the public to carry concealed firearms (with a permit), knives (not switchblades), tasers and billy clubs, except in areas where expressly prohibited by law.

It is the university’s goal to implement the law with the least potential disruption to the academic mission of the university, says UWPD Chief Sue Riseling.

There are several important provisions to the law and how it is being implemented on campus:

  • Signs have been posted on all building entrances informing individuals that firearms and weapons continue to be prohibited in campus buildings. 
  • No employee shall carry a firearm or other weapon at any time while in the course and scope of employment unless it is necessary as determined or approved by the chancellor or Chief Riseling.
  •  In addition, the law allows the university to ban concealed weapons at outdoor events, such as athletic events and concerts.
  • The university will continue to ban the open carry of firearms and other weapons at all times and in all places on campus. 
  • If you see a person who is not a police officer in uniform carrying a weapon in a UW–Madison building, call 911. Do not assume a person has a license. UWPD recommends thinking “safety first” and if you err, please err on the side of calling police. Police officers are trained to react appropriately to those legally or illegally carrying weapons.

If you have questions about the implementation of the law on campus, please email