Slide show: A Taste of College Posted July 29, 2014

Even in summer, the campus is bustling with students who are excited to learn, although not all of them are college students — yet, that is. The Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) provides summer workshops for minority or low-income students from Wisconsin middle schools and high schools. Many of the students may become the first in their families to attend postsecondary schools, so the workshops are designed to explore careers and prepare for college. The high school students even live in campus residence halls, giving them a true taste of college. During June and July, 855 students participated in a series of the program’s commuter and residential workshops. More than 90 percent of PEOPLE participants go on to attend college.

At left, high school students share a laugh while programming video games during a Gaming for Girls workshop. From computer screens to sewing machines, students can get all kinds of hands-on experience in the summer workshops.

Words by Stephanie Awe
Photos by Bryce Richter