Slide show: A Building Abuzz

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery offers proof positive that promises can be kept.

Since opening in December 2010, the 300,000-square-foot building is delivering on original plans for an innovative, sustainable space, and is providing an environment that fosters collaborative science and hosts public outreach activities.

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery at 330 North Orchard, which encompasses the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, a publicly funded research enterprise that is part of the university: the private, nonprofit Morgridge Institute for Research: and the Town Center, a public space for science, learning and interaction that spans the main floor. The building has reached half its capacity for residents during the past year, with additional staffing and labs to come. The building is buzzing with energy as faculty, staff, and students use interdisciplinary approaches to transform the understanding of — and solutions for — human biology and medicine.

These photos offer glimpses of Discovery at work. A first-year birthday celebration will be held Friday, Dec. 2.

At left: The Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery, shown at the intersection of Randall Avenue and Campus Drive, just became the state’s first laboratory building to achieve LEED Gold certification as established by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Photos: Jeff Miller. Text by Cindy Foss.