Slide show: Aerial Artistry

Wisconsinites often claim they love the state’s four seasons, including autumn in all its glory. Those in the UW–Madison community often claim they study, live and work on one of the nation’s most beautiful campuses. And Badgers around the world often claim their fondest memories are of days spent on campus. It’s hard to argue with these claims when images such as these — made recently by University Communications photographers via helicopter — capture the stunning beauty of lakes, a vibrant campus within a bustling city, tiny dots of people going about daily life and Mother Nature’s captivating colors. People so enjoyed a first set of aerial photos that demonstrated an ever-changing campus that we decided to bring you this second collection.

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At left, with just enough wind and small waves, two sailboats and their crews glide across Lake Mendota at sunset.

Words by Cindy Foss