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  • Changes intended to make official travel easier, more efficient Dec. 18, 2014 Changes are coming in January to the travel program for all University of Wisconsin System employees. The program changes are intended to ease travel booking, improve traveler safety and comfort, and achieve cost efficiency.
  • Campus reminded of guidelines for political activity Sept. 23, 2014 As political activity intensifies in the weeks before the fall election, members of the UW–Madison campus community are encouraged to participate in the political process by voicing their opinions on state and national issues. Students, staff and faculty are reminded, however, of campus and UW System policies regarding what constitutes an appropriate space for political activity.
  • Task force recommends stronger policies on alcohol Feb. 28, 2013 A task force that reviewed UW-Madison’s policies on alcohol service at university events is recommending stronger enforcement of the minimum legal drinking age, limits on events where alcohol is provided without a professional server, and improved communication of alcohol policies to the campus community.
  • Reminder: Guidelines on campus political activities Oct. 22, 2012 Officials provide guidance on where political activity, including the circulation of petitions, is permissible on campus grounds.