New ice cream flavor honors Taiwan-Wisconsin agricultural pact

September 29, 2011 By Susannah Brooks

The Babcock Hall Dairy, long linked to Wisconsin’s agricultural history, has created ice cream flavors to celebrate people, places and songs. This week, a new flavor takes its place alongside Berry Alvarez and Praise to Thee, Our Almond Mocha.

In celebration of signing a major contract that represents Taiwan’s “intent to purchase” approximately $5 billion in Midwestern crops, the new flavor will be unveiled on Thursday, Sept. 29 following a luncheon at the governor’s residence in Madison.

The flavor, called simply “Goodwill,” mixes a cranberry swirl and sweetened, dried cranberries into a base of vanilla ice cream.

“Wisconsin’s agricultural products, such as dairy and cranberries, play a huge role in both the state’s economy and the research life of this university,” says Provost Paul M. DeLuca, Jr., who will join Gilles Bousquet, vice provost for globalization and dean of the Division of International Studies, at the signing ceremony. “We welcome this opportunity to reaffirm our global agricultural connections.”

The Taiwanese Goodwill Mission represents major feed and food importers of Taiwan. During the next two years, the importers plan to purchase large quantities of three major crops from Midwestern suppliers.  The value of these contracts is estimated at between $1.73 billion to $1.8 billion in soybeans, $2.47 billion to $3.39 billion in corn and $485 million in wheat.