Last updated: October 30, 2015

Notice: See the new governance document for the recently renamed Labor Codes and Licensing Advisory Committee (LCLAC).

UW-Madison has contracts allowing more than 450 companies to make products bearing the university's name or logos. We are one of four universities in the nation that actively incorporates corporate responsibility awareness and performance in licensing applications and renewals. Licensed products are made in approximately 3,300 factories in 47 countries worldwide.

As part of university standards, brands and suppliers are required to adhere to a code of conduct. The code addresses workers' wages, working hours, overtime compensation, child labor, forced labor, health and safety, nondiscrimination, harassment or abuse, women's rights, freedom of association and full public disclosure of factory locations.

If violations occur, a licensee has the opportunity to correct the problem or have its relationship with the university terminated.

In the past decade we have worked to resolve workers rights situations with adidas, Nike, Russell and other leading brands.

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