Humans vs. Zombies alters Friday game plans

April 19, 2013 By John Lucas

Organizers of UW–Madison’s Humans vs. Zombies game have voluntarily proposed changes to the final round of play on Friday, April 19.

In general, the game pits student teams of “zombies” who attempt to tag “humans” while avoiding being shot with orange toy Nerf weapons. Games can include hundreds of players. This evening, in the event scheduled to take place between Charter Street and Babcock Drive, players will not use toy weapons.

“Because our ‘tag’ game is fast-paced and involves Nerf-type guns, we want to be sensitive to the ongoing situation in Boston and remove any potential for confusion or distress in our community,” says student organizer Alex Turek.

“We’ve appreciated all the support we’ve received from the university and the UW Police Department.” 

Instead of Nerf guns, the group will be using balled-up socks to stun the “zombies” for their final mission.

“We appreciate that Alex and the group have been sensitive to campus concerns related to current events,” says Associate Dean Kevin Helmkamp. “It’s a thoughtful decision and we’re glad to continue working with the group in the future.”