Faculty and academic staff granted emeritus/emerita status in 2000-01

August 29, 2000

Here is a list of faculty and academic staff who have been granted emeritus/emerita status for 2000-01, listed by name, title, division or department, and years of service.

Bert Adams, professor, Letters and Science/Sociology, 34

Patricia T. Becker, professor, Nursing, 20

William Beckman, professor, Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, 37

Gary G. Borisy, professor, Letters and Science/Zoology and Graduate School/Molecular Biology, 31

Carl J. Bowser, professor, Letters and Science/Geology and Geophysics, 36

Larry L. Bumpass, professor, Letters and Science/Sociology, 29

Ugo Camerini, professor, Letters and Science/Physics, 41

Joanne R. Cantor, professor, Letters and Science/Communication Arts, 26

Ian H. Carlson, professor, Medical School/Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Medicine, 32

Gino A. Casagrande, senior lecturer, Letters and Science/French and Italian, 25

Thomas W. Chapman, professor, Engineering/Chemical Engineering, 32

Kelly Cherry, professor, Letters and Science/English, 21

Fun Sun Chu, professor, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Food Microbiology and Toxicology, 33

Michael E. Clark, information processing consultant, Medical School/Health Sciences Library, 34

Derek J. Cripps, professor, Medical School/Medicine, 35

Laurence G. Crocker, clinical professor, Medical School/Medicine, 39

Gordon M. Derzon, superintendent, Medical School/Administration, 25

Edouard J. Desautels, professor, Letters and Science/Computer Science, 30

Gustaaf A. de Zoeten, professor, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Plant Pathology, 23

Dorothy J. Douglas, professor, Nursing/Academic Affairs, 21

Norman R. Draper, professor, Letters and Science/Statistics, 38

Frederick Dretske, professor, Letters and Science/Philosophy, 30

Loyal Durand, professor, Letters and Science/Physics, 34

David L. Egger, research program manager, Letters and Science/Limnology, 29

Mary K. Feirn, faculty associate, Letters and Science/English, 23

S. H. John Fiske, professor, Letters and Science/Communication Arts, 12

Marc S. Galanter, professor, Law School, 23

Margaret Geisler, director, Continuing Education, 27

Francis G. Gentry, professor, Letters and Science/German, 16

Barbara A. Gessner, professor, Nursing, 14

David D. Gilboe, professor, Medical School/Neurological Surgery, 39

Rjurik Golubjatnikov, clinical assistant professor, State Laboratory of Hygiene, 31

Sandra Grieger-Block, director, Business Services, Medical School/Pediatrics, 33

John M. Harkin, professor, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Soil Science, 26

Stefan L. Hastenrath, professor, Letters and Science/Atmospheric Science, 32

Stephen L. Hawk, professor, Business, 30

Phillip J. Hellmuth, associate dean, Letters and Science, 35

Donald D. Hester, professor, Letters and Science/Economics, 32

Suzanne I. Hodgman, assistant professor, General Library System-Area Studies, 28

J. Rogers Hollingsworth, professor, Letters and Science/History, 36

Ellen J. Hollingsworth, senior scientist, Letters and Science/Sociology, 31

Edward L. Hopkins, senior administrative program specalist, Graduate School/University-Industry Relations, 34

Melba Jesudason, senior academic librarian, General Library System, 40

Nancy E. Johnson, professor, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Nutritional Science, 17

John M. Kean, professor, Education/ Curriculum and Instruction, 35

Cleo N. Kiergaard, student services program manager, Graduate School, 36

Minoru Kiyota, professor, Letters and Science/East Asian Languages and Literature, Language and Cultures of Asia, 36

George C. Kliminski, clinical professor, Education/Educational Administration, 22

Dorothy Klinefelter, associate dean, Education, 30

Lawrence H. Landweber, professor, Letters and Science/Computer Science, 33

Victor G. Lares, student services program manager/associate lecturer, University Health Services and Education/Counseling Psychology, 19

Helen A. LeRoy, research program manager, Letters and Science/Psychology-Harlow Primate Lab, 36

Geoffrey Letchworth, professor, Veterinary Medicine/Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, 16

John J. Magnuson, professor, Letters and Science/Zoology/Center for Limnology, 32

Edris Makward, professor, Letters and Science/African Languages and Literature, 30

Bruce W. Marion, professor, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Agricultural and Applied Economics, 18

H. Andrew Michener, professor, Letters and Science/Sociology, 32

Philip E. Miles, professor, Letters and Science/Math, 38

Michael W. Mosesson, professor, Medical School, 18

John A. Neu, assistant professor, History of Science, 36

Fred M. Newmann, professor, Education/Curriculum and Instruction, 31

Kim G. Nilsson, professor, Letters and Science/Scandinavian Studies, 35

J. Marshall Osborn Jr., professor, Letters and Science/Math, 43

Judy Ann Peterson, researcher, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Bacteriology, 27

Joan B. Peterson, assistant scientist, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Biochemistry, 19

Tad B. Pinkerton, professor, Letters and Science/Computer Science, 30

Edward R. Pope, professor, Education/Art, 17

Kenneth W. Ragland, professor, Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, 30

Robert Erwin Rand, researcher, Agricultural and Life Sciences/plant pathology, 30

Catherine A. Reznikoff, professor, Medical School/Human Oncology, 13

Eleanor M. Rodini, senior academic librarian, General Library System, 25

Michael L. Rothschild, professor, Business, 25

Thomas J. Sailor, acting associate director, Business Services, 15

Charles T. Scott, professor, Letters and Science/English, 37

Connie M. Smith, senior research specialist, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Biochemistry, 24

Margaret Green Smith, senior librarian, Letters and Science/Library and Information Studies, 20

Richard R. Smith, professor, Agricultural and Life Sciences/Agronomy, 32

Herzl Spiro, professor, Medical School/Psychology, 17

Armond H. Start, associate professor, Medical School/Family Medicine, 11

Elizabeth Anne Steinberg, assistant director, Graduate School/UW Press, 39

Paul R. Stevens, systems programmer, Information Technology/Systems Engineering, 35

William A. Strang, professor, Business, 33

James A. Sweet, professor, Letters and Science/Sociology, 23

Alma Taeuber, project associate, Letters and Science/Sociology, 31

John A. Tataronis, professor, Engineering/ Electrical and Computer Engineering, 19

Arne Thesen, professor, Engineering/Industrial Engineering, 28

Murray A. Thompson, professor, Letters and Science/Physics, 32

Isabel W. Treichel, researcher, Graduate School/Enzyme Institute, 27

Donald M. Walker, professor, Engineering/Engineering Professional Development, 14

Darlene E. Weingand, professor, Letters and Science/Library and Information Studies, 18

Joseph J. Wiesenfarth, professor, Letters and Science/English, 30

Albert L. Wiley Jr., professor, Medical School/Human Oncology, Radiology, 18

Halliman H. Winsborough, professor, Letters and Science/Sociology, 32

Mardelle J. Wuerger, clinical associate professor, Nursing/Academic Affairs, 22

Douglas L. Zweizig, professor, Letters and Science/Library and Information Studies, 18

Indefinite appointments, 1999-00

Barbara L. Borns, Institute for Environmental Studies

Yvonne A. Bowen, Letters and Science/Student Academic Affairs

Patricia K. Fessenden, Continuing Studies

Lee G. Konrad, General Library System

Carla J. Love, Letters and Science, German

Alinda J. Nelson, General Library System

Sharon M. Pero, Office of Registrar

Elizabeth M. Santschi, Veterinary Medicine/Surgical Science

Barbara P. Wiley, Letters and Science/Student Academic Affairs

James L. Woods, General Library System