Contest seeks amazing science images

January 29, 2013 By Terry Devitt

Photo: Sea urchin

The forming end of a sea urchin tooth Arbacia punctulata, imaged with a scanning electron microscope and false-colored. One would never guess from their intricate and rounded shape, but these are single-crystals of calcite. They fill space, resist fracture, and make the tooth so hard and tough that it can grind rocks.This image was a 2012 winner.
Photo: Pupa Gilbert

Doing science can be cool, but seeing science in new ways and using new tools can be transformative.

A growing body of images offers a look into the hidden world of nature and science and is gaining aesthetic acclaim.

To recognize and highlight the visual and scientific value of such images, the third annual UW–Madison Cool Science Image Contest is soliciting the best images from student, faculty and staff. 

The contest, sponsored this year by Madison’s Promega Corp., offers any current student, staff or faculty member an opportunity to show off their compelling science images. Last year’s contest drew more than 80 entries from individuals across campus; winners and finalists are showcased here.

To enter images for the 2013 contest, visit here for guidelines and submission requirements. The submission deadline is March 1.

This year, more prizes will be awarded with 10 winners each receiving a $100 Downtown Madison gift card.

Winning images will be published on The Why Files. And all qualified entries will be featured in a slide show on the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery media wall at the 2013 Wisconsin Science Festival and in other venues during the course of the year.