Teacher conference examines cutting-edge technologies

July 26, 2004

by Dennis Chaptman

The intersection among four major areas of science and technology and how to apply it K-12 classrooms will be the topic of a two-day conference beginning on Monday, Aug. 2.

Teachers at the conference will explore a concept called "converging technologies" -- the combination of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science -- as a unifying concept in teaching science.

The conference, sponsored by the Office of Education Outreach, will feature presentations by university researchers from the School of Education, School of Engineering, the Biotechnology Center and the Division of Information Technology.

Science teachers will learn how to use converging technologies to demonstrate the interdependence of the sciences of biology, chemistry and physics, and the technology areas.

Possible applications of converging technologies include enhancing sensory and cognitive capabilities, developing highly effective communication techniques involving brain-to-brain communication, and helping to end the physical and cognitive decline of the aging brain.

Registration is $275 for the two-day event, and 1.2 continuing education units will be given for attending. For the registration form and more information visit the conference website.